Development of Global Trade and its Impacts on the Shipping Industry

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Maritime exploration and trade first began as early as 3000BCand it was during the Arab age of discovery between the 3rd-7th centuries when the modern maritime global trade and shipping began.  The development of global trade over the years has made its many impacts on the shipping industry, whereby if one region of the globe… Read more »

Freight Basics- Shipping Container Specifications

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With concern to sea freight where are two options of container shipping services that you use. One is less than container load (LCL) which is ideal for smaller shipments that would not be able to fit a smaller container. The other would be when you fill up an entire container (be it a 20ft or… Read more »

Preparing your Export Shipment by Air

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When preparing your export shipment, for instance, in the event you are sending out samples to potential international customers/buyers, you should be aware of a few things. One such element would be the shipment weight and the documentation required. In this blog, we look at these important items on your to do list when preparing… Read more »

The Ongoing Trade War of US and Chinese Tariffs

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It’s no surprise that the constant back and forth between the US and China have raised concerns with the rest of the world. If you stop to think about it, there are many potential impacts on the shipping industry that have been caused by the US and Chinese tariffs, along with Europe thrown into the… Read more »

Potential Impacts on the Shipping Industry by China-US Trade War

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The way in which the China – US Trade War has played out from the first quarter of 2018, many of the global players have been paying close attention to how this would affect other global markets and the potential impacts on the shipping industry players as well. In this edition of the Transco Cargo… Read more »

How Consolidation Works In Reality

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In the past, we have approached explaining the ins and outs of consolidation in different ways. If you refer back to some of our former blog posts, such as “Consol Box – The Pros Choosing Shipping Consolidation”, you will be able to see why it’s a popular choice for many. If you aren’t sure what… Read more »

Choosing Packaging that Suits your Shipment Requirement

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One of the most common issues we see in the personal shipping sector is that incorrect use of packaging and packing based on the contents you are shipping. The empty space within these packaging can cause a lot of damage to the contents during shipment and transit, as it can cause not only structural damage… Read more »

Containerization and Choosing the Best Container Service Type

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If you take a bill of lading document when you are dealing with sea freight for your shipments, you will find terms such as FCL/FCL or LCL/FLC to name a few. These are the basis of container service types available in the market when it comes to maritime logistics. In our previous blog, we looked… Read more »

Consol Box – the Pros Choosing Shipping Consolidation

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“Consol Box” may sound a little foreign to you if you are not aware of the terms used in the logistics or maritime industry. To explain the concept of a Consol Box, we need to understand the process of shipping consolidation first. In this blog, we look at the history of shipping consolidation, the processes,… Read more »

How India’s Ports Development will Affect Sri Lankan Ports

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In the recent years, many South Asia’s logistics industries have made great changes t keep up with the changing times and trends. With it, there have been many improvements to accommodate growing demand. However, South Asia still maintains higher costs and shipping still takes longer in the region than any other in the world.  Sri… Read more »