IncoTerms Rules for All Transport Modes

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In the last few blogs, we highlighted various factors that concern sea freight, payment terms and responsibilities between buyers and sellers. We’re highlighting the rest of the IncoTerms in this blog, to ensure that you have an all-round view of the ins and outs of all transport modes for whatever your freight forwarding requirement is…. Read more »

IncoTerms Rules across the Scope of Buyer and Seller for Sea Freight Transactions

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If you have been following our blog for the last few weeks, you would have realised that we highlighted a few things that relate to sea freight transactions. Last week, we looked at “Sea Freight Shipments and Payment Terms” and highlighted the scope of incoTerms. In this blog, we’re trying to make things more transparent… Read more »

Sea Freight Shipments and Payment Terms

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Even in the olden days, trade occurred with the barter of a good or service, and presently it’s done in exchange of money. Whilst merchants of the past paid for new goods in kind, in sea freight nowadays there are sea freight shipments and payment terms that come attached to it to ensure that transactions… Read more »

Why You Must Plan Your Shipment Ahead Of Time

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If you are planning a move, be it an office relocation, moving to a new home (either in the same city, same state or even country) or an overseas relocation, or what about planning for a trip overseas for the likes of exhibitions and more, there is much planning to be done to ensure that… Read more »

Land Transportation Waybill, Uniform Bill Of Lading and Hand Tag – What It’s All About

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When it comes to shipping documents, we know that they differ from the type of shipment; sea, air, and land. In our previous blogs, we looked at the types of Bill of Lading. You can read about them in our blogs, The Types of Bill of Lading, and An Air Waybill and how it Differs… Read more »

An Air Waybill and how it Differs from a Bill of Lading

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An Air Waybill also abbreviated for ease of use as AWB, is also known as an air consignment note. This is a document that is issued when goods are transported by air as a means of acknowledging receipt. Much like other bill of lading types, they are non-negotiable. Once the goods arrive at the destination… Read more »

The Types of Bill of Lading

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You may be aware of what is referred to as a Bill of Lading, but did you know that there are up to 8 different types of Bill of Lading, out of which 4 are commonly used. Based on the mode of transportation and your shipping terms, this can differ. Let us explain! Essentially, a… Read more »

Low Cost Shipping with LCL and FCL Freight

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In our last post, we looked into the future of container shipping. To fully understand the trend and expectation of its future, we highlighted the history of the container shipping industry and how it has changed other industries for global trade with bringing in low cost shipping options with the introduction of both LCL and… Read more »

The Future of Container Shipping

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In the 1960s, there was much upheaval with regards to the container shipping industry, with the United States launching Container Boxes it with also the first purpose built shipping lines meant to carry them across the seas and oceans. That’s when stakeholders in the industry had to rethink their strategy, bringing in new ideas to… Read more »

Guide to Sending International Shipments

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Over our last couple of blogs, we focused on going through each and every step in the how goods are internationally shipped from the shipper all the way up to the point of the Destination Port. In This blog, we look at the last few processes involved in the last leg of our guide to… Read more »