Tokyo 2020 Freight Forwarding and Customs Guide

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Whilst Japan prepares for the 2020 Summer Olympics and Paralympics games in Tokyo, some freight forwarding and customs guides have been adjusted to for those exporting and importing to and from Japan concerning Olympiad formalities and equipment. These concern those that are considered Game Stakeholders, that is people or organizations that involved in the games… Read more »

2020 Ocean Shipping Industry Trends to Prepare for

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As the New Year draws closer, we look at how global trade may be affected. With these 2020 ocean shipping trends to keep an eye out for, you will be able to decide for yourself what business decisions to make. Increase in Shipping Costs If you were to compare the shipping industry costs to China… Read more »

KYC Customs Requirement when Shipping to India

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With time and newer procedures, policies and operations are brought into action, you will find change is just part and parcel of life, be it personal or business related. One change in the shipping industry that has affected the world over would be the Low Sulfur Surcharge that will go into effect on 1 January… Read more »

Changes in the Shipping Industry with Low Sulfur Surcharge

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There have been many changes in the shipping industry in the past. We have seen the chassis business change with the exit of carriers, the US labour issues (between the east and west), the introduction of mega vessels into the market over a decade ago, to atypical peak seasons to shipping rate fluctuations, the shipping… Read more »