Why You Must Plan Your Shipment Ahead Of Time

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If you are planning a move, be it an office relocation, moving to a new home (either in the same city, same state or even country) or an overseas relocation, or what about planning for a trip overseas for the likes of exhibitions and more, there is much planning to be done to ensure that… Read more »

Land Transportation Waybill, Uniform Bill Of Lading and Hand Tag – What It’s All About

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When it comes to shipping documents, we know that they differ from the type of shipment; sea, air, and land. In our previous blogs, we looked at the types of Bill of Lading. You can read about them in our blogs, The Types of Bill of Lading, and An Air Waybill and how it Differs… Read more »

An Air Waybill and how it Differs from a Bill of Lading

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An Air Waybill also abbreviated for ease of use as AWB, is also known as an air consignment note. This is a document that is issued when goods are transported by air as a means of acknowledging receipt. Much like other bill of lading types, they are non-negotiable. Once the goods arrive at the destination… Read more »

The Types of Bill of Lading

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You may be aware of what is referred to as a Bill of Lading, but did you know that there are up to 8 different types of Bill of Lading, out of which 4 are commonly used. Based on the mode of transportation and your shipping terms, this can differ. Let us explain! Essentially, a… Read more »