Australian Transport Infrastructure and how it Weighs in on Supply Chain

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With the growth of freight volumes rising to meet with demands, Australian transport infrastructure has faced challenges in the past as the authorities and government look for measures to stay afloat. This is by looking at it on the national level to ensure that the Australian transport sector is able to deliver “a streamlined, integrated… Read more »

Shipping Freight Matters

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As an island nation, Australia’s logistics and transport industry is an important one and has been since its founding. Shipping freight matters as it is an essential commodity to a healthy Australian economy. Whilst it is easy to put it aside, without due freight movements, the quality of life in Australia will take a hit,… Read more »

10 Things to Keep in Mind When Shipping Internationally

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When it comes to shipping, be it overseas or locally, you need to take into consideration several aspects of the different processes into mind. The clear distinction that is international shipping has more complex procedures than of national or local shipments. To make life somewhat easier, we have listed 10 things to keep in mind… Read more »

What is Detention and how is it not Demurrage?

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We discussed demurrage in the previous week, and went into detail about why you are charged, how much you may be charged and what the process is. But if that is demurrage, what is detention in logistics terms? That is easily explained, read on. What is Detention? The process of a container arriving at the… Read more »